The summer of Love and Fashion : Love Island 2024

Striped Pattern Cut Out beach Dress with slit VestiVogue

We are so excited to have Love Island back on our screens! This show is not only a big moment for the contestants finding love but also a major shopping event for viewers at home. I am constantly amazed by the stunning bikini styles, gorgeous dresses, and overall impeccable fashion sense displayed on the show. To ensure you don't suffer from fashion FOMO when you see Love Island bikinis, we've curated a few top picks from VestiVogue that will keep your beach style on point.

Top 5 Bikinis from VestiVogue:

  1. Rhinestone Brazilian Swimsuit: This dazzling bikini is perfect for those who love to sparkle. The rhinestone detailing adds a touch of glamour, making it a standout piece for any beach or pool party.


  2. The classic pink Micro Bikini sets : Perfect for beach outings and pool parties, this bikini set combines style and functionality, making it a must-have for any fashion-forward beachgoer.

     Micro rhinestones Bikini Set VestiVogue WD1647P1 S

  3. High-Waisted Retro Bikini: Combining vintage vibes with modern trends, this high-waisted bikini is both flattering and fashionable. The retro design ensures a timeless appeal.


  4. Floral Print Halter Bikini: With a beautiful floral print and halter neck design, this bikini is both elegant and playful. It's ideal for those looking to add a touch of femininity to their beachwear.

     Floral Print Low Waist Bikini Set VestiVogue

  5. LeoPard Print Bikinis: This bold and trendy bikini set features a fierce leopard print design that’s perfect for making a statement at the beach or by the pool.

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VestiVogue Dresses: dreaming of Love Island Fashion

As Love Island returns to our screens, fashion enthusiasts everywhere are keeping a close eye on the stunning and chic styles showcased by the contestants. At VestiVogue, we’ve curated a selection of dresses that perfectly capture the essence of Love Island’s bold and stylish aesthetic. Here are the top 10 dresses from VestiVogue that will help you keep up with Love Island fashion trends:

  1. Villa Vixen Red Mini Dress: This vibrant red mini dress is a head-turner with its V-neck, sleeveless design, and pleated details. It's perfect for making a bold statement at any summer party​ (VestiVogue)​.Villa Vixen red mini dress Chic Gym Wear

  2. Strapless Satin Corset Dress: This elegant strapless bodycon dress is crafted from high-quality satin, making it perfect for high-end parties and events. Available in white and rose, it’s designed to flatter your curves and boost your confidence​ (VestiVogue)​.Strapless satin corset dress VestiVogue

  3. Red Spaghetti Strap Lace-Up Mini Dress: This dress combines a playful lace-up design with a flattering A-line silhouette, making it a great choice for both casual outings and special occasions​ (VestiVogue)​.Red Spaghetti Strap Lace Up A-Line Mini Vacation Dress VestiVogue

  4. One Shoulder Bandage Dress: A modern take on the classic bandage dress, this piece features a one-shoulder design that adds a touch of sophistication. It’s available in white, green, and black​ (VestiVogue)​.One Shoulder Bandage Dress VestiVogue

  5. Ruffle Mini Dress: With its fun and flirty ruffles, this mini dress is perfect for summer. It comes in classic black, red, and white, making it versatile for various occasions​ (VestiVogue)​.Ruffle mini dress Chic Gym Wear Red S

  6. Crystal Diamonds Bodycon Dress: This dress sparkles with crystal embellishments, making it a standout choice for evening events. The bodycon fit accentuates your figure, ensuring you look glamorous​ (VestiVogue)​.Crystal Diamonds Bodycon Dress VestiVogue

  7. Satin dresses : Channeling Love Island's sultry charm, Vestivogue's mini satin dresses captivate with their figure-hugging silhouette, ensuring you stand out under the sun or stars.(VestiVogue)​.VestiVogue Satin Bodycon Dress VestiVogue black no boning XS

  8. (VestiVogue)​.One Shoulder Ruffle White Bodycon Dress VestiVogue White XS 
  9. Strapless Elegant Off-Shoulder Bandage Dress: This off-shoulder dress exudes sophistication and elegance.  Strapless Mini Sati Dress with  bow Tie VestiVogue WHITE S 

By choosing these stylish pieces from VestiVogue, you can ensure that you never suffer from fashion FOMO while watching Love Island. Explore these dresses and more at to stay ahead of the fashion curve this summer!

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